Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Acupuncture - 10/08

After the IUI failed I did a lot of soul searching and decided that I couldn't live with turning over my life savings to a jackass like Dr. M. Currently, our stance is that if we are going to pursue IUI's and IVF we are going to try and do it on the insurance company's dime. We are pretty sure that I can get a job teaching at public school next year (even though I hate to leave my nice private school) but we are hoping that DH can find something before that. Our state has good laws - they just don't apply to the small businesses where we work. I know it won't be free even with insurance - but at least it won't be quite as bad.

In the meantime we decided to consult a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. TCM/acupuncture is supposed to be able to work wonders for endometriosis. I made the dumb mistake of forgetting that I am the unluckiest person ever and saying out loud that even if it didn't get us pregnant "it couldn't possibly hurt me."

At my very first visit, the very first needle hit the median nerve in my right wrist. The acupuncturist said I would feel a "zing" and boy, did I ever! I didn't realize that white hot burning pain wasn't normal and pretty soon the endorphins kicked in and I actually felt really really good and kind of drunk. A few days later, I could barely move my hand and my doctor told me I had nerve damage. NERVE DAMAGE. And it might be permanent. I wore a splint for a few weeks and felt like the most pathetic person alive. Luckily, it healed just fine.

I'm still going to acupuncture. I sincerely believe that it was just an accident. Even if it happens again I am perfectly willing to give my right arm to get pregnant. If it doesn't work then at least it makes me feel a little better.

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Dora said...

Holy crap! I hope you find a different acupuncturist. They really vary so much.