Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lots (and Lots) of Doctor's Appointments

Sorry I haven't written much in awhile. I've been trying to set a new record for the number of doctor's appointments and diagnoses you can pack into one week.

So let's see...

Appointment #1 - Dr. R (Primary Care)
After the week from hell my therapist recommended that I get a prescription for Xanax. Dr R did me one better and prescribed Klonopin and an antidepressant. Yes - I am now "officially" depressed. I'm kind of bummed that IF has driven me to the point where my serotonin levels have tanked out. On the other hand, I am looking forward to feeling a little better. In fact, the looking forward to feeling better has already lifted my spirits.

I found out two interesting things from Dr. R. First, antidepressants do not look good on adoption applications. Dr. R wrote the prescriptions on paper and I paid cash at the pharmacy so that my insurance company won't have a record of it. Second, Dr. R did not have very nice things to say about my old RE and fertility clinic. Hmmm...

Appointments #2 and #4 - The Vagina Fairy (Physical Therapy)
Last Friday I had my physical therapy evaluation for my pelvic floor muscles. It was awesome. My physical therapist is really cheerful and positive and I am going to call her "the vagina fairy" because she is going to cure my pelvic pain in 15-20 sessions! I thought all the pain I was having during exams and treatment was endo pain and that I was just stuck with it for good. Turns out, that pain is from all the exams and treatment. My vagina has the equivalent of a massive tension headache. I also have bursitis in my hips and sciatica from sitting on the floor all day when I'm teaching.

What happens at vagina therapy, you ask? Well first I have to do a lot of pilates-type exercises. Then I get poked/massaged in the vagina for about 10 minutes. This part is a little awkward but the vagina fairy has such a sunny disposition that its really not so bad. Next, the assistant to the vagina fairy comes in and massages my inner things, hamstrings, and butt cheeks. Apparently I have a lot of tension in those areas too. Finally, I get hooked up to a little electrical stimulation machine that zings my lower back muscles and makes me really relaxed. Its all very strange but I am super optimistic that its going to make a huge difference.

Appointment #3 - Dr. B (Ob/Gyn)
esterday I had my first appointment with Dr. B since the PCOS/UTI fiasco. While it looks as though I probably had some anovulatory cycles in the past, for the time being he does not believe I have PCOS. I started BBT charting again this month and when I saw him yesterday on day 19 my chart was picture perfect. So I ovulated this month. Yippee! Too bad we didn't have sex. At all.

Dr. B thinks that maybe nothing is wrong with me after all. The endo isn't blocking my tubes and I'm ovulating now. DH's low morphology seems to have cleared up on its own - or at least we think its cleared up - does anybody know if the number they give you on IUI day takes morphology into account?

We are supposed to continue charting and doing things naturally for two more cycles. After that we go from "nothing wrong" to "unexplained infertility." Dr. B has another RE he'd like to send me to but first he is going to let me try Clomid for a few cycles. I have a feeling that he's going to be scrapping both of those diagnoses in favor of "luteal phase defect." This morning, on day 20, 6 days post ovulation, my perfect BBT chart took a nose dive and I'm guessing that I will start spotting tomorrow morning. I cannot understand how it is humanly possible to get your period on every single holiday of the year. Guess I'll be bringing old towels to sleep on at Grandma's again.

Next week I have a cystoscopy (ouch), two physical therapy sessions, and head-shrinking therapy. I figure I can cancel all my magazine subscriptions because I spend so much time in doctor's office waiting rooms. But the good news is that I'm feeling better both physically and mentally and I'm pretty sure that I will make it through Thanksgiving intact. I'm even looking forward (tentatively) to seeing my cousin's new baby!

I probably won't have access to a computer for awhile, but I'll be looking forward to getting back online ASAP.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Warren Dew said...

Typically they do not do a morphology test as part of an IUI - just motility and concentration.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just feel like you spend ALL of your time and extra money on co-pays! Ugh.

Happy Thanksgiving

JamieD said...

It sounds like you have a great plan! And I like the sound of the Vagina Fairy. I am glad you feel super optimistic about the whole process - that certainly can't hurt!

And the good old LPD . . . welcome to the club. We should have meetings with cookies and punch and stuff.

Thalia said...

Hope you are ok, it's a long time since you posted.

One thing in this post bothered me about your conversation with your RE - you absolutely are not 'unexplained infertility' - you have fairly severe endometriosis, and even if it's not blocking your tubes, just having an endo diagnosis is an explanation of infertility as it makes it harder to conceive generally - they don't really know why but one suggestion is that it alters the uterine environment and makes it harder for the embryo to implant. So if any RE is giving you an 'unexplained' diagnosis, then they aren't worth the money and you should go elsewhere.